Patent Translation

Patent documents protect the work of individuals. They have to be extremely clear and avoid the slightest hint of ambiguity – and it’s vital that these factors are protected when they are translated into a different language. Poor translation can weaken protection and affect important deadlines.

Patents are highly specialised documents and they need specialist translators to work on them. Our team, which includes former patent agents, covers the full spectrum of patent documents and processes, including PCT National Filings, EP Validations and Intellectual Property Litigation.

Our translators have detailed industry insight into all the subjects and sectors that patent law can cover, from aerospace to healthcare.

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"Many thanks for getting this translation of the claims done so fast. We were desperate and very unhappy with our client for leaving it so late. Your firm worked miracles and we are very impressed. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future."


"Many thanks once again for meeting our due date. We are very impressed with your firm and you're all such lovely people to work with, always happy, unlike the rest of the world!"


At ABC we’re meticulous about accuracy, using the correct terminology, in the right format, for filing anywhere in the world.


  • aeronautical
  • automotive
  • bio-chemical
  • chemical
  • computing
  • electrical
  • electronic
  • mechanical
  • pharmaceutical
  • telecommunications


  • Patent specifications
  • Claims for filing
  • Notices of opposition and responses
  • EPO & OHIM correspondence and decisions
  • Pleadings and Court rulings
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trade mark filing and dispute documentation

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Whatever you need to have translated, and in whatever language, we can help. We’re precise and professional, accurate and approachable.