Certification of Translations

On occasions it is possible that you will require certification of a translation for use in court, for service overseas or for production to official bodies. We can therefore provide you with one or more of the following:

  • a statement of truth
  • an affidavit sworn before a solicitor
  • an affidavit sworn before a notary
  • legalisation (attachment of an apostille) of a translation that has been sworn by affidavit
  • legalisation of original signed or sealed official UK documents (eg birth certificates, court orders, probate documents, etc.) prior to translation.

Official bodies will often ask for a translation to be provided by an ‘official’ translator. There is no organisation in the UK that confers ‘official’ status on translators. However, the Passport Office and other UK government bodies will usually accept a statement of truth from a translator who is a member of either the Institute of Translation and Interpreting or the Institute of Linguists, which we can provide.

Official bodies overseas will often ask for a translation to be provided by a ‘sworn’ translator. These are non-British national translators based in the UK who are appointed by their relevant Foreign Office and/or registered with the relevant Consulate in London, whom we can use for translations of documents for official use in, for example, Spain or Poland. Please contact us for more information about sworn translators.

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