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ABC colleagues at our busy exhibition stand at the CIPA paralegals conference

Just about every member of her family was involved in Julie Roff’s decision to set up ABC Translations back in 1997.

First it was the birth of her son, whose arrival prompted her then employer to demote her (this was in the last century and her boss’s attitude possibly pre-dated even that).

Then it was the turn of her husband who suggested to a disgruntled Julie “Well, why don’t you set up your own business?” Cue the involvement of her sister-in-law, who very usefully had top level HR experience and offered her expertise, and then Julie’s own sister who provided much needed childcare.

Julie had been working as a project manager in a translation agency and realised that running her own business meant she could do things, “the way I thought they should be done”. That meant investing in technology and paying extra attention to proof reading to ensure perfect results.

Fast forward a quarter of a century, and ABC today is a thriving company with an in-house staff of five who can call on the services of more than 1500 translators and interpreters.

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