Where is Christmas celebrated across the world and how? Key International traditions

Hasn’t this year flown by? In the blink of an eye, it’s going to be Christmas – again. Not that we mind, of course. It’s always nice to spread a little holiday cheer, right? Everybody celebrates Christmas in their own unique way. Have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated across the world? Here are

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Ready Set Export - Selling your products and services in Asia

Exporting is Great Earth image - ABC Translations

Exporting is a great way to grow your business, increase profits and spread the risk of political and economic troubles in any one region. However, it can’t be denied that there are a number of challenges to consider when deciding to export, such as cultural differences, strong competition, finding and managing a local workforce and

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Translating for export - a few top tips

Export map flags - ABC Translations

If you export, or are thinking of doing so, you may well find yourself dealing with countries where English is not the official language. Here’s what you need to think about when buying translations, and a few top tips on how to save yourself time and money, improve your reputation and increase business.

Firstly, you should think

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How will the UK choosing to leave the EU affect the UK patent system and the associated translation requirements?

The EPO is looking to implement a unitary patent system which would grant rights across all EU member states (start date – as at September 2017 – anticipated to be Q1 of 2018). This would aim to streamline the process of gaining protection for an invention in the EU, and reduce the need for translations.  However,

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Patent, trade mark and opposition translations – when might you need them, and why they must be meticulously accurate

Patent documents protect the work of individuals, articulate clarity and dispel ambiguity – all factors that must remain as part of a translation. Poor translation can weaken protection and affect important deadlines.

Below we’ve detailed the various areas of patent and trade mark law where translations are vital, and why accurate translations are essential.

Translating for European
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The vital role of interpreters and translators in personal injury cases

Whether the case involves an accident or illness occurring overseas to an English speaker, or a foreign national being injured or treated in the UK, translation and interpreting often play a vital role in a personal injury or medical negligence claim.

Interpreters and translators may be needed at all stages of a claim, including:

Initial client/counsel contact; Translation
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A day in the life of the ABC Translations Project Management Team

AM: Getting off to a flying start, you never know what your inbox holds…

The day starts of course with a decent cappuccino whilst the emails are downloading… we never know from one hour to the next just what challenges our customers will present us with.  Life is never dull at ABC Translations!

Completed translations have come

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Translating the British Airways i360

BAi360_site-1024x1024 - abc Translations

A few months back I had a call from Anna Prior, Project Administrator of the British Airways i360 with responsibility for marketing projects and procurement. Anna and I had met a few years ago via Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, and she was looking for a partner to translate various marketing items, including the

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Around the World with the Great British Bake Off

Every year on GBBO [Great British Bake Off], the judges seem to find new challenges for the bakers, with cakes and pastries from around the world that none of them have heard of before. I love seeing the way different cultures indulge their sweet tooth, and just how the outlandish show-presenters pronounce the confections the

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Should the EU be more business friendly?

Would business be better if we came out of the European Union?

ABC Translations were delighted to sponsor the Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce Big Debate on the subject “Should the EU be more business friendly” with speakers Caroline Lucas MP and Daniel Hannan MEP at the The Brighthelm Centre on Friday, 15 January

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